Lohelands History


Loheland was founded in 1919 by Louise Langgaard and Hedwig von Rohden. Since 1912, they had been training young women at their Seminar für klassische Gymnastik. In the spring of 1919, they bought a large tract of poor farmland in the highlands of the Rhön and begann to build first school houses. Formal classes restarted in September 1919. Over the next decade the project developed with great speed.

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Between the famous places of the European Lebensreform Movement, Loheland stands out with its focus on the "new woman" and the broad working fields on which the "transformation of the whole life and the whole inner man" (Gropius) should be promoted. Hedwig von Rohden and Louise Langgaard combined gymnastics, dance, music and artistic media with craftsmanship, nature experience and the social life of the community into her educational concept. At the same time, artisan workshops, biodynamic gardening and farming or even a successful dog kennel developed.