Loheland - Lived Visions for a New World


Exhibition on the occasion of the centennial celebrations

Vonderau Museum Fulda



Like the Bauhaus and other contemporary remodeled schools and art schools, Hedwig von Rohden and Louise Langgaard focused with their private educational institution, which was always run by women, on the unity of artistic disciplines and the education of all the students’ talents. For this purpose, apart from nature as a basic field of experience, numerous workshops were integrated into the gymnastic teacher education. With their outstanding designs the products helped to support the development of the settlement economically.


In cooperation between the Vonderau Museum Fulda and the Archive of the Loheland Foundation, the exhibition presented on the occasion of the centennial celebrations objects and documents from the period 1919-34, some of them for the first time in public. It was divided into five themes:


1. Loheland in the network of the European avant-garde - a chronology

2. The heart of Loheland: gymnastics, dance, theater, music

3. The Loheland Workshops: Artisan production on the basis of gymnastic training

4. Fine arts work as an initial starting point for creative life and work

5. The settlement Loheland: architectural positions and place of biodynamic farming


The exhibition was curated by Michael Siebenbrodt, Weimar.








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