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Loheland is celebrating its founding

When Walter Gropius, then director of the young Bauhaus in Weimar, proclaimed in June 1919 the "transformation of the whole life and the whole inner man" to be a historical task, he was directly referring to the visions that had been moving more and more people since the beginning of the century.


A few days before the above speech by Gropius a small group of young women around Hedwig von Rohden and Louise Langgaard had bought an untouched forest and arable land in the Hessian Rhön area. With the same goal as Gropius, they wanted to permanently settle their “Seminar für klassische Gymnastik” (Seminar for Classical Gymnastics) there. It had already been relocated several times since its founding in 1912, offering a professional education for gymnastic-teachers to young women. After the new beginning in May 1919, they gave their school a new name: Loheland School of Physical Education, Agriculture and Crafts. The fact that Loheland, just like the Bauhaus, is celebrating its centenary is a successful expression of a parallel in the history of ideas.


An extensive festival program was running. Information can be found under the buttons "settlement" and "exhibitions".  



Furthermore, in 1919 Rudolf Steiner and Emil Molt established the first Waldorf School at the Stuttgart Waldorf-Astoria cigarette factory for the employees' children. It laid the foundation for the curriculum and teaching methods of the worldwide Waldorf School movement. This event will be a complementary occasion to be celebrated in 2019: The general education school in Loheland was admitted to the circle of Waldorf Schools in the mid-1970s.